Small local businesses have to focus on ROI whenever they make a decision to spend money. There’s no such thing as an unlimited budget, but there are a lot of demands on the checkbook. Before spending a penny on Web Design Des Moines, a small business owner must know that it’s necessary and will be a good investment.

Check for Yourself to See Why a Mobile-Optimized Website Matters

Do side-by-side comparisons of some websites by pulling up the same sites on a desktop computer and a smartphone. It would be difficult to find a big business that doesn’t have their website fully optimized to work well on any device a user might be using. On the smartphone version, their phone number is probably clearly visible or easily found, the site loaded quickly and was easy to navigate.

Now pull up some local small business websites, starting with the competition. How does their Des Moines Web Design look? Pull up your own website. Google does enormous amounts of research and found that 40% of mobile consumers have abandoned a site after a bad mobile experience, visiting the competitior’s website instead.

If your website had generated 40% more clients or customers, how much would have been added to the bottom line?

A Few More Quick Facts about Mobile Consumers

The growth of mobile has been incredible; between Feb. 2009 and August 2011, the mobile browser share increased by 1000%.
In 2014, the number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users.
Almost two out of every three Americans own a smartphone; 95% of those people have used their phones to find out something about a local business.
Smartphone users are HOT prospects; after searching, 70% of those consumers will take action within ONE HOUR.

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The Importance of a Mobile-Optimized Website to a Local Service Business

Anyone in a service business, whether they’re a lawyer, dentist or plumber etc., is primarily selling their experience, knowledge and integrity. They’re putting themselves on the line, not offering a thousand different widgets. Their website represents them in a very personal way.

When a website doesn’t work well on a smartphone, 48% of smartphone users said that it made them feel as if the company didn’t value their business and they will use that business less often, even if they like the business. This particular statistic has been confirmed repeatedly.

Bottom line? Many potential clients are personally offended or annoyed when a website doesn’t work well on their phone. It’s like handing out a dirty, frayed business card that has coffee splatters on it.

Tiller Media Group understands what’s important for small business SEO and SEO Des Moines. They will ensure that your Website Design Des Moines provides the mobile experience that potential clients are expecting. Call or visit their website to find out what your website needs in order to bring in the business that it should.

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